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No independent artist is required to pay for air play. Any music that I want to play for the global audience gets on air. Send your royalty free, payola free original mp3 to dj @ ANT to support Inde Radio are welcome to Pay...

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Welcome to Intuitive Life Network (ILN)

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The ILN was created as a center point production house for community fund raising collaborations created through partnerships with the late Anderson Mar of DARK SKY PRODUCTIONS, Master Lucy, founder of New England SEERs, and the late John Hurley, former ILN CFO. The Gemjin [Platform] was created by advocacy pioneer Lou C Diamond (aka Master Lucy) after the explosive international success of ILNRadio launched on the Para-X network in 2008. It is an open door for independent artists, engineers, teachers, presenters, and researchers; to share, discuss, and ask or answer questions. Gemjin is the ILN's public access portal created in 2009.

‘Gemjin’ Global Digital Audio Cast Service

Our Mission: (cllick to go to the Mission page)  
Our mission is to create more opportunity for those who have few. We deliver the flame of hope that ignites all the others. We propose to live with integrity, to educate, encourage, and propagate the love of humanity that the platform was created in. 

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Industry-side~ Narrow Cast effect ..
secure your place in your community, industry, and field.

Gemjin's Narrowcast multi-media tools are to help our community members leverage the strength of the group while focusing on a single area of specialty.

There is always room in the Gemjin Community for individuals Ordaing Reality for themselves and others. Scores of broadcasters, content creators, movers, and shakers started their journey here at the Gemjin platform. Avril Price is launching new merchanise related to her field. Revolver REE is performing LIVE all around New York, Brandon from OMG (Open Minded Media Group) is launching hit after hit! We previously supported Chip Esajian of the world famous Chip n Dale Dancers, started The Victorious Mindset Radio show at none other than Gemjin. Prolific Audio Book Author Rob Wilson of Cowboy Wisdom fame got his audio training at Gemjin and Founders of Fathers on the Move, recently recognized by President Obama’s ‘Fatherhood Initiative program” and currently funded with state rehabilitation funding, Fred Wilson and Bishop Glover started their social missions at Gemjin. The Bishop also hosted a show of his own Last Days World Outreach. He currently travels the country setting up churches and mission projects to benefit communities in need of hope. Our hosts are vocal about the many missions we embrace at Gemjin. Because we do not have a 501.c3 for the ILN we are free to work towards enacting legislation and persuading toward viable options for positive effects in various communities across the globe. Every project is a paired partnership with people taking responsibilities to enact reciprocity and synergy at the same time


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Elemental Reiki

A mixed Elemental Reiki and Energy Reading with Reiki Spiritual Master Lucy will introduce you to your personal power. You have the power to change your circumstances. $15.oo. Pay with Amazon.
Lucy Diamond RMT

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Brain work works!
Physics is dealt with in the Left Hemisphere of the brain, Metaphysics happens on the right.

Certain societies have laws and traditions that other societies find repulsive.

We must get passed the entrained mind that causes us to conform our whole mind to society and be free true selves.

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