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Our Team:
Lucy Diamond Host/Producer
Steven Freitchen (swampy) DJ/ Producer
Charlie (Gangstatainment) (SouthCee) Commercials/Drops

Joseph Donlan Host
Avril Price Host
Leesia Champion Host
Garry Panton Host

Our Mission:
To create opportunity for those who have none. To deliver the flame of hope that ignites all others. To live with integrity. To educate, encourage, and propogate love of humanity.

Gemjin [Platform] was created after the explosive international success of ILNRadio. An open door for independent teachers, presenters, artists, and researchers; to share, discuss, and ask questions. We have contracts with hosts, publishers, and promoters to help pay the platform expenses. It is Public access portal create in 2009, a Collaboration by Intuitive Life Network & Choice Treasures brands.

She says her history is in marketing. "My best skill in cold calling. If you know what that is you think you have got a good picture of my personality already, but my life's opus would be raising my children."

When asked what lead her to radio broadcasting? She replied "When my nest was first empty and I lost my 'hustle' for 'heavy hitting' I became a Reiki Master. I taught Reiki for free at the local library to small groups advertised to through Craigslist. That is when I met Anders and she introduced me to live events. I created a local TV show called "Just for Today" and taught Reiki on TV. Then I brought in other healers and teachers and even grew the show to a live audience and community give away's within one year. That studio continues to thrive. "

One day a woman came for an interview and reciprocated by having me on her radio show. That show, I was hooked. Within a month I had my own show. Within a year I had my own station and hosts were joining me from around the globe.

There are some fun interviews about the passion I had back then; to help a large number of small companies thrive rather than a huge company grow to excess. As I began to explore the talent from around the world we featured independent authors, local musicians, and humble teachers, as well as grammy award winning artists, international celebrities, and professors from some of the most prestigious Universities in the world.

Several crusades from local issues with addictions and gang risks, to global issues involving human rights and voting freedoms, our community members come together to utilize the tools available to our subscribers to share, exchange, gather and investigate life expanding information. The entire ILN Global community contribute to the peace and personal growth of individuals through out the world by creating opportunity to ask questions and get honest answers from industry and community leaders.

Independant musicians from Hungary, Budapest, Spain and all across the USA share various music compositions of every genre in celebration of the personal free expression encouraged by all contributors. Successful authors share the spotlight with their peers and contemporaries, spiritual leaders open phone lines to heal the weary hearted and encourage those who need an extra nudge. Everyone of our subscribers, contributors and passers by make this virtual space THE PLACE to BE.

We believe personal peace and success in daily life is absolutely attainable by every individual. We teach this precept through books, radio broadcasts and one on one or group workshops for subscribers. We encourage future generations of leaders to openly explore their talents, embrace their gifts, and share their treasures. Friendship is the greatest treasure we explore here at the ILN. It is our intention to embrace all that is uncomfortable about diversity without denying it. We accept all suffering and work toward offering the community a safe reliable environment to explore individuality and connectivity. If you have come to learn modalities to de-stress, live well and explore self expression you have landed on the right web site. While manifesting their greatest desires of destiny our broadcast service offers more to the public than workshops in several subjects. We include healthy living modalities, nutrition against disease, parenting skills, social networking and more. Our expertise is in magnifying the effectiveness of the mind- body- spirit wellness correlation and ultimate manifestation of joy and ecstasy in your personal life.

  Who we serve

Subscribers, show hosts, musicians, promotion, authors, comedians, philosophers, theologians, spiritualists, religious orders and secular groups. This open platform is established to create a level playing field for researchers to present honest answers for all citizens who are free to pose serious questions. Our production platforms maintain piggyback dialogue streams through public and private social media [Twitter, Face book, Linked In] as well as the audio streams. We foster freedom of self expression through music, poetry, and artistic expression on all of our media outlets. Whether you have questions, anders, or creations to share, this open community welcomes you.

All of our hosts are vocal about the many crusades we do at Gemjin. Because we do not have a 501.c3 for the ILN we are free to work towards enacting legislation and persuading toward viable options for positive effects in various communities across the globe. Every project is a paired partnership with people taking responsibilities to enact reciprocity and synergy at the same time.



Skype Readings with Lucy
Personal Energy Sessions

When I meet with a person there is no telling what will come forward. There are times other worlds make communications, and times that information comes to the surface to be dealt with. I have no idea what I will see when I peek beyond the veil for you. There is no telling what magic awaits you!

The Human condition.

Things happen that you cannot control. It is ego which causes us to want to blame and control things, people, and situations outside of the individual self and this false belief crosses the grain of our human psyche for that reason. What you believe what you think about and ponder is what you will manifest. You can choose what to manifest in the here and now by letting go of the past.

Contributors that can~ Help-Out

I'm going to cut to the chase and spare you any BS. Gemjin needs to have our call in numbers to keep our listeners engaged. I hope you will be a part of everone pulling together.
The Paypal Email is Thankfully, Stephen Freitchen [aka Swampy] is taking on some of the administrative burdon for us this year.
You are appreciate, respected, and promoted fondly by all at Gemjin either way. Keep up the good work!
Be sure to let me know if you are able to help out or not.
Thank you for your consideration
Lucy D