Eleanor Moyer,

official ILN Herbalist

Eleanor is a Certified Herbalist who is dedicated to helping people build healthful lifestyles by incorporating herbs, natural supplements, aroma therapy, nutrition and body work into their lives in order to create a health conscience environment to nurture both inner and outer well being.

Eleanor Moyer joined the ILN just in time for our 2009 New England Metaphysical Faire. She jumped right in at our urging for a valuable free to the public course on 'Your Kitchen is Your Medicine Cabinet" Her presentation was amazing and all of ILN and our guests recognized her as a knowledgeable woman with an intense desire to help humanity to heal.

Eleanor delivered accurate information on common bodily discomforts that can easily be eased with an educated choice from your own common kitchen items. Consultations with Eleanor can be purchased for $60 for a half hour session through ILN. A portion of the pro seeds goes to supporting ILN activities.

We look forward to continuing to bring you unique entertainment and interesting pieces of information through our community programs and media broadcasts.

Eleanor Moyer is feature on the monthly segment " Healthy on the Inside" on ILNRADIO the second Monday of the month .Listen to ILN radio LIVE on the Para-x network Mondays 3-4 PM EST.

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Listen to Eleanor LIVE every second Monday 3-4 PM EST, on ILN RADIO

A letter from Eleanor ...

It is a shared vision of all herbalists worldwide that people empower themselves to become active participants in their healthcare. Too long has the care of our bodies and our minds been in the hands of the medical profession, leaving us feeling bereft of control, helpless onlookers of our own health, while we are fed prescription after unknown prescription.

While there is a lot of good that heroic medicine can do, as a Certified Herbalist, I am here to help the individual take back their sense of autonomy, build confidence in the natural and alternative health choices available today and guide people to create a more fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle for themselves and their families.

When a medical situation does arise, you will feel comfortable knowing that you have the resources available to make wise decisions and will be able to work with your healthcare provider with more confidence because you have the tools to create long-term sustaining health even if you need to be placed in the care of a medical provider.

To arrange a consultation will Eleanor e-mail contact@IntuitiveLifeNetwork.org

Please include the name, age and concerns of the person she will be consulting for, and the best time two times. Let us know if you prefer Skype, Telephone, or email communication.

Pay for your consult here:




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