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Natural born medium/psychic/clairvoyant. I work for spirit to give their love to you through their words and messages to those who are grieving and/or in need of guidance and affirmation of the peace and love from spirit. Having spirit in my life I quickly developed my gift of passing spirits message on with love,empathy and compassion. I have been blessed to see, hear and sense spirit in my life and to have them close to me. My work on platform involves speaking to an audience to bring love and laughter. Dream interpretation is also part of my gift to help people decipher the dreams they have as that's is part of spirit`s way of contacting you. Talking to the departed requires one thing, and that is belief in yourself. During a reading I will only give you what spirit wish you to know , I will not give you what you feel you need to know as spirit do not work in that manner, nor will I make things up nor make them fit , I ask only that you answer with a yes,no or I don't know, so you can be certain that any messages that may come through are from spirit and not information you may have given me. All my readings are performed in an honest and genuine way and I will never mislead or give you false hope. I also respect your privacy, and I will never judge you or your questions. My purpose is to help you find your answers. My gift is designed to guide and advise you. I strongly believe that we all have the power to change our lives. I am hopeful that helping you find the answers to your questions will empower you to make decisions about your future.
Any reading should not be substituted for the advice given by a medical and/or legal professional. Please keep in mind that you are always responsible for the choices and decisions you make in regards to your reading and your situation. Each client has their own free will. Your destiny is in your own hands.

My mantra is two fold.

I do not speak to the dead. I speak to the living spirit

I do not seek fame , or fortune , I am the medium for the common man

Also if you wish to contact me please include a valid email address and I will respond,I promise

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Love And Light




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Medium Garry

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