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Joseph Donlan

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About Joe

Joseph E. Donlan, while outwardly appearing as a successful business man, is, at heart, a quintessential philosopher. As such, he has spent the last thirty years investigating and challenging the world of mainstream physics and tackling the mysteries of life and science. Donlan holds a BA in English from Northeastern University and undertook graduate studies in Software Engineering with an elective emphasis in Artificial Intelligence ("A.I.") at Boston University and classes held at MIT. After graduate studies in 1983 he continued his research into A.I. at a high level of interest and became increasingly incredulous concerning the direction in which A. I. research was headed. His skepticism led him to intensify his investigation of the inner workings of the human limbic system to more fundamentally understand the entity the A.I. pundits were trying to emulate. This examination began a chain of events which led to his first book, Ordaining Reality.

In addition to the fields of A. I. and neuroscience, Donlan has researched a very broad range of disciplines including: psychology, religion, microbiology, Eastern philosophies, Western physics, as well as investigations within the extensive arena of the Para-normal domain. Presently, Donlan is developing two new books: one concerns new insights into the growing confluence of Eastern Mysticism and Western Science and the second is a more technical and in-depth presentation of his newly proposed paradigm of physics. Donlan comes from a family tradition of writing, with his father and all four of his older brothers as varying degrees of authors.



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