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Terry Milton
Gloucester, MA 01930

Terry Milton, a.k.a. “The Stone Lady,” is a Psychic who resides in Gloucester, Massachusetts. She is the creator of “Stone Readings,” a method of divination that combines her passion for stones and crystals, and the interchangeable nature of the mineral realms and people in her readings.

Originally trained in Tarot, Numerology, Palmistry, Earth Magic, Sense Awareness, Channeling, and other “tools of the trade,” stones and crystals became her primary psychic tool during the early 1980’s, earning her the nickname, “The Stone Lady.”

Terry reconnected with stones, crystals, and fossils as an adult by immersing herself in the energy of nature. She followed a daily routine of selecting a stone, meditating, recording the meditation in a journal, and carrying the stone around with her. In this manner she attuned to the stone’s energy and personality. When she was satisfied that she knew the energy or personality of that particular stone, she selected a different stone and repeated the process of becoming acquainted with that stone’s energy. The Stone Lady worked with the stones and crystals in this matter for a period of several years, unaware of why she felt such so compelled to know and understand the stones.

During this period of self-education, Terry observed that when people came to her home, invariably, someone would pick up a stone from the many stones lying around in her apartment. Automatically she began to share glimpses into the stones with the individual, and repeatedly heard people exclaim, “Nobody knows that about me!” despite the fact that Terry hadn't intentionally been speaking about the person at all. Terry gradually began to realize that “Human Nature” and “Mother Nature” were closely related. Because she “knew” the stone’s energy, she was able to attune to the individuals who were drawn to particular stones and crystals.


Stones and people have much in common, and in fact are made from the same minerals! In a comparable manner it can be said that “Mother Nature” and “human nature” are also very much alike, or parallel. Our physical energies are similar, although stones have a slower “metabolism” than we humans have. The theory is that a person will be drawn to a stone or crystal that has some of the same physical characteristics, “personality” traits, or energy that is similar to their own.

The Stone Lady has developed a unique method of reading people via the stones and crystals to which the individuals are drawn. A wide variety of colorful stones and crystals are displayed on a Lazy Susan. Clients select some stones with their eyes open, and some stones with their eyes closed. As The Stone Lady focuses on the uniqueness of the individual stones and crystals selected, people are able to see uncanny similarities between the stone and themselves.

In the course of the reading, The Stone Lady will often use her stones to address specific questions the client may have.

Let a “Stone Reading” help you to remember that you, too, are a gem!



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