Guest Promotion Packages


We offer 30 day, 6 month and yearly promotion packages. Gain access to our audience gathering from 34 countries and promote your brand, cause, or service.

Specialized format at Gemjin allow all ILN Members the unique ability to connect with the leaders in media, metaphysics, physics, medical research, and general life. Listeners, guests, and browsers have the unique advantage of connecting to like minded people with the intention of bettering the state of the world. If your book, service, or product can better the lives of others we invite you to participate in our advertising programs.
Refrain from vulgarity and profanity on the live chat.
Call in during live shows when the host announces the lines are open: 781-325-4569

Please be respectful and courteous to the host and listeners while you ask your question, get your reading, or make your comment.

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Our preferred listening devises for desk top are linked at the logo above for each player. Our gratitude to the staff and team at Tune-In© for the easy to embed players. There is a direct link to listen through their app on this page and on many partner websites. The 'Gemjin Radio' stream is carried by Streama© Nobex© and many other stream delivery applications. Several hours of programming are carried piggy back through Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, and many other Indie Stations in the digitally developing world. We are grateful to all of our friends, partners, and advertisers for making this open platform possible, for enlightening one another on social, cultural, and political realities in their vast diversity.