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The desktop chat is available to those on line at a desk top or lap top. If you see a broken box below, you can download the app for this chat. Alternatively you can text your questions during live shows to the DJ at @DJGemjin on Twitter. Our twitter feed is in the box at the right.

Refrain from vulgarity and profanity on the live chat.

Please be respectful and courteous to the host and listeners while you ask your question, get your reading, or make your comment.

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On the go? Find your digital radio player or download one of these. Search 'Gemjin' in the search bar and lock into the Gemjin Radio stream. many other stream delivery applications. Several hours of programming are carried piggy back through Brazil, Indonesia, Japan, and many other Indie Stations in the digitally developing world. We are grateful to all of our friends, partners, and advertisers for making this open platform possible, for enlightening one another on social, cultural, and political realities in their vast diversity. If your devise logo is not listed and you carry the station on your channel, please email contact @ for feedback and a listing here. In short, open your radio application and search Gemjin Radio. There are many Radio Stations that piggy back our stream in China, Russia, Portugal, Porto Rico, Brazil, as well as small islands in the south pacific. Listen FREE and Enjoy Life.




Our radio station, ILN Radio est. in 2009 is celebrating 8 years of service to our global narrow-cast audience. We work closely with several publishing houses to promote their authors, and with music publishing, to help vet out and train artists for professional interviews. Our material is received on all modern digital devices in 34 countries. We include a press release, social media migration, an interview, and tons of exposure.









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  • This is an international platform built on solid belief in equal honor.
  • Honor one another. Namaste




Welcome to the Intuitive Life Network's Radio platform Gemjin. Gem-Jin is the universal treasure found in human magic. Humans are wonderful magical creatures. We manifest, create, ordain, and spiritually emanate an energy that connects us to the entire universe. This simple mp3 sharing platform is a springboard for social, political, economic, and personal growth.

There is an amazing list of stories hidden deep in the archives of the internet that reflect the effects our communal work has had on the general populations of the world. From being able to still the hearts of our young friends in Africa who had one wish, (to leave Africa) and filling those hearts with love for humanity. KeptooZing Music producer Rozani spent months organizing and garnering love and support for victims of human trafficking, Under the ILN tutelage, Radio show, Parents on the Move gained recognition from President Obama's Fatherhood initiative program. Fathers on the Move now ministers to prisoners who are parents assisting in the transition from prisoner to parent. We got Gospel Singer Maurice Grey on stage prime time, Friday night at the (musically) prestigious Louisianna Delta Fest.

Let's face it. If you know me, you know I hate to rest on my laurels. Spending time bragging about changes, even ones like the (eventual) success from Round Table Discussions. Where issues from domestic violence or drug abuse and its aftermath, to the rise in Aids cases in a local high school we have seen a treasure trove of results. Whether encouraging individuals to act, or legislators to move on issues, the results are on public display in our societies. Thank you for caring about these issues. We at ILN/Gemjin appreciate that you take time not only to hear new musicians, (some who have gone on to be very successful) but also, to learn about current issues affecting you, your family, and all of ours behind the scenes and in the streets. It is you and your desire to make this world a better place that causes the traction we need to make life more enjoyable for all.

This is the page I will update to inform you of new shows, episodes, ideas, and global issues that affect you. Bookmark this page! Check back often!