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Rights series for the summer series in 2017

May 30 Tory Hartman Wisdom Oracle Cards/Book (premonition, precognition, psychism) June 6 Daniel Goodenough June 13th Reiki with Phyllis and Lucy June 20th Vacation June 27 Neville Johnson July 4 Independence Day! July 11 Sabrina Ossa (Domestic Violence Advocate) July 18 Dr Larry Fedewa (Conservative commentator) July 25 Atty Bill Horne Civil Rights Lawyer (discuss fragmentation the ones that fall through the cracks) August 1 Trent Gander (The irreverent Gentleman) >an entrepreneur who incorporates historical practices into his business. These include basic human rights. Many of the practices and concepts of rights stem from either philosophical ideals from the Renaissance era or traditional tribal concepts spanning from the middle east to predominately Saxon origins (at least in the U.S.) August 8 Lora Cheadle (Female Lawyer) August 15 Anthony Hamilton August 22 Vacation August 29 Kate Bowman from Anthony’s Act Heroin Addiction Awareness & Relapse Prevention

REMEMBER: Drive Sober

Charter Member: Joseph Donlan
Known around the ILN simply as 'The Professor", Joe has to tackle the most controvercia topics that challenge the community at large on a regular basis. From patiently teaching science theory in a language that both entertains the arm-chair physicist, and satiates the ernest learner alike, he speaks to the heart of the matter plainly. His dedication to the community at large is evident in his actions. Having not missed a show since he started radio here at the ILN in 2009. His ability to manifest is proven over and over in the lives of his listeners who trely Ordain tWhile outwardly a successful business man, is, at heart, a quintessential philosopher whier Reality in just a few short shows full of awakeing. Joe is currently involved in several crusades as is planning a high profile Internal Freestyle competition to bring us all together this summer.

He has spent the last thirty years investigating the worlds of Western Physics and Eastern Metaphysics and tackling the mysteries of life. Donlan holds a BA in English from Northeastern University and undertook graduate studies in Software Engineering with an elective emphasis in Artificial Intelligence (“A.I.”) at Boston University and classes held at MIT. After graduate studies in 1983 he continued his research into A.I. at a high level of interest and became increasingly incredulous concerning the direction in which A. I. research was headed. His skepticism led him to intensify his investigation of the inner workings of the human brain to more fundamentally understand the entity the A.I. pundits were trying to emulate. This examination began a chain of events which led to his first book, Ordaining Reality. Tune in to Gemjin Radio daily to hear archives of Joe's show dating back to the (still relevant) classics of 2009. Tune in on Tuesday Nights at 7pm (EDT) for the live show.

Project Manager Gemjin Radio: Stephen Freitchen (AKA Swampy)
Ensures the smooth running of their station, leading the management team and coordinating the activities of all the disciplines within the station, including the development of multi-platform content. Responsible for the day-to-day running of Radio station, Mr. Freitchen brings 20+ years of audio engineering from a background steeped in live presentations as well as broadcasting.

Listen to 'Swampland Radio live each Saturday morning 9 am to 1 pm (central time) or contact him directly for information on air time, presentation slots and advertising opportunities.

submit independent music for random air play to dj @ Gemjin .com

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Celebrating 11 years Est 2008 Digital broadcasting

Reiki Master Teacher Lou C Diamond is a Master of Usui, Dolphin, Kundalini, Templar, and Elemental Reiki. She is an initiate in the Tantric and Gnostic arts and highly practiced and achieved in ancient Egyptian Rites through a decade of practice and study via the Grove. Master Lucy, (aka) Miss Lucy Diamond, is the founder of Intuitive Life Network .org and its global radio broadcasting platform: Gemjin. She maintains a weekly broadcast on the station discussing techniques and listener experiences on Reiki, OBE, and Astral Projection, the Angelic realms and records. Find other great books on self-discovery by the same author at where personal and private Energy Readings and Reiki Sessions can be booked for in person, telephone and skype connect. Free connect daily on the live chat page at her site at 12 30 pm eastern time she makes herself available for 30 minutes to the general global public.