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Because of you, we are able to offer community events and services that benefit residents all over the world. Our gratitude to the artists, members and patrons who have freely contributed the sacred geometry used for this store project. We hope your Sacred Geometry purchase is as much a blessing to you as it is to the community our members. We thank you for your purchase today.

Gemjin continues in its Global distribution of excellence in Radio. Our Broadcast team includes producers to support technical programming, Associate Producers to assist with Guest Bookings, time line management, and content, and experienced DJ's. Gemjin is a global digital broadcast whose parent company resides in the USA. The majority of Gemjin broadcast listener base is in the UK from London to Australia including Canada. The broadcast can be received on most modern digital devises with internet access browsers or audio applications. Gemjin radio signals a change in the times of citizen communication and heralds the global recognition amateur and local artists of the past only dreamed about. This platform in the business category depends on the patronage of the listeners who draw advertising and quality shows to access the station. The dedication of our listener base on a global scale is staggering and humbling, especially since the 25 live shows were halted in production and only a few remain. Your dedication to the artists we collaborate with and support, the informative host, s and life changing testimonials you send in are why the station remains in tact. This is your station. We are here because you listen, ask questions and remain involved in the good work of spreading good news. The power of the human spirit has long been revered and seldom empowered in mass numbers like it is here at Gemjin global digital broadcast radio. We thank you for making our time here so worth while. Contact the DJ at any time with your questions comments, ideas, or any other thing you want to say about the Gemjin station and staff. dj at gemjin dot com.



Thank you for supporting the ILN Movement, creating a place for peace. We have been able to participate in lots of live shows and events that assist people in obtaining all of their material desires of live. Through tantra, meditation, reiki and visualization we share and believe together in the forward momentum and preservation of humanity. Thank you for being a part of our global dream for world peace by supporting our affiliates through the trusted and reputable retailer Amazon.

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